Snowshoeing is a fun and healthy sport that allows you to easily enjoy the outdoors and further explore the untouched wilderness in the winter.  Our experienced instructors will demonstrate and teach you the basics you need to enjoy this relaxing winter activity.  Then they'll lead you on a trek through the local countryside.  All necessary snowshoeing equipment is provided so come make tracks with us this winter.



Experience nature up close with one of our hiking adventures.  We have hikes for all ability levels that range from  two hour nature walks to overnight adventures in the back country.  Our tours include an experienced guide, equipment, and transportation.  We also provide meals for overnight trips.  So get some friends together, or come meet new ones, and explore the great outdoors. 

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There's nothing like spending time paddling on a beautiful calm river.  Experience nature from a whole new vantage point.  We provide everything you need, including a basic lesson, equipment, transportation, and an experienced guide.  Our tours are designed for everyone to enjoy, even the first timer.  We specialize in recreational kayaking on calm, easy flowing waterways throughout New England.


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If you want a new hobby that allows you to combine your love of technology with nature and exploration, geocaching is for you!  We'll teach you the basics of using a GPS while hiking some of the most beautiful trails around. This is a great activity for all ages, especially the kids.  So bring your sense of adventure as we search for hidden treasures as well as explore the great outdoors.  

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